Back In Focus



Back pain/care has been a specialist interest in my teaching for many years – with my own back pain and experience of learning to manage that pain as a central focus of my approach to yoga.

As we continue to learn more about movement and the body’s natural intelligence, I have been drawn to learning environments with yoga teachers who promote practices which focus on improving the integrity of the spine and restoring balance and vitality to the whole body.

Drawing on these teachings I offer my ‘Awakening the Spine’ personalised experience to existing and potential new students, with the opportunity to explore a modern-day approach to yoga – using breath and intelligent movement to address postural stresses and every-day challenges on the body.

My aim is to introduce the holistic nature of a sustainable yoga practice, which can help to restore confidence in movement, re-define postural support and potentially free the body from pain.

This approach is suitable for anyone who has struggled with long-term or intermittent back pain – whether from injury, muscle strain, herniated disc, degenerative disc, scoliosis, spinal stenosis or other dysfuntional movement issues of the spine.


What’s Included

This course will operate through a combination of one-to-one Zoom sessions, supported by specialised recorded practices.


Prices & how to book

This course is £125 and includes 5 x one-to-one Zoom sessions with supporting recorded practices.

Please email for further details or to check availability.