Reasons To Consider A Yoga Retreat…

When I ran my first yoga retreat back in 2008, I was looking to offer my students an opportunity to leave their busy lives behind and step into an environment where they could allow themselves to stop for a while, to have time focused on themselves and to experience their yoga practice from a totally different perspective.

So, after 13 years of teaching retreats I can share with you some very valid reasons why yoga on retreat can change your perception of your practice and allow you an opportunity to move, breathe and relax in a unique and memorable way.

* The venues used for our retreats are all in beautiful locations, specifically chosen to offer a sense of peace and tranquillity from the moment of arrival. Accommodation is warm and cosy with lots of options to find quiet spaces to rest and unwind inbetween organised sessions.

* The retreat is organised as a package of accommodation, food and yoga tuition – all that our guests need to do is arrange time off and organise transportation to the venue. From the point of arrival there is a feeling of stepping into a calmer environment where the needs of our guests become our number one priority.

* Our wonderful retreat cook takes time to prepare nutritious and delicious vegetarian meals using locally sourced fresh ingredients – making allowance for any dietary challenges with in the group. Meal times are a relaxed affair and our guests can take their time to enjoy their meals free from outside distraction.

* With two yoga classes per day on offer, there is an opportunity to experience a deepening of practice – with each session laying down foundation for the next. Sessions are less formal than weekly class with time to pause and reflect and by the end of the retreat, the effect of consistent physical and mindfulness practice is noticeable, often with an increased sense of vitality and well-being.

* Spending time with like-minded people and sharing the unique retreat experience often fosters new friendships, with an ease in exchange made possible with time to truly relax.

Friends made on retreat are often friends for life.


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